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Matina is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that was initially designed to create and manage ParaGeo material characterisations into data bases with the capability for back-analysis experimental data sets. The initial concept was expanded to include pre and post processing capabilities, in particular the ability to quickly generate template based ParaGeo models with customisation, and also homogenisation of properties for upscalling; all of this with a dynamic help to guide the user at every workflow step.

Matina Tasks

Matina includes several customisations aimed at perform specific tasks.  For example, creating and managing databases of material characterisations, processing and back-analysis of experimental tests, generation a geological column model, pore-scale analysis of thin section images, etc.

Dynamic Help

Matina has a strong educational element and has a dynamic help that displays the relevant information for actions/workflow steps. In addition, the workflow task discriptions guides the user through the task.

Material Database

The Material Database module allows characterisation of materials with visual aids.  The database management tools include, copy/paste/move materials between different data bases, export of materials or databases, creation of ParaGeo .mat files, etc. The material characterisations can be later validated using the Matina experimental back-analysis functionality.

Experimental Data

The Experimental Data module allows import, processing and property identification using  graphical interaction tools. A Microsoft Word format report in can be automatically generated. The processed data can later be assigned to a validation model to back analyse the experiment and validate the corresponding material characterisation.


The Validation Module aims to provide a quick and convenient way to calibrate and validate material properties. A given material characterisation may be assigned to one or more validation templates that generate/run pre-set ParaGeo models to replicate the experimental conditions (e.g. triaxial and uniaxial tests).  The predictions are  automatically loaded and compared with the experiment data.


The Homogenisation Module may be used to homogenise and upscale material properties from micro-scale (properties for individual grains and voids) to laboratory-scale. The functionality includes generation of a meshed geometry from a color coded thin sample image. Different homogenisation tests are abailable to upscale the properties (i.e. Uniaxial, Biaxial and Triaxial tests, Numerical Stiffness method, Range test, etc).

Geological Modelling

The Geological Module facilitates efficient generation of 1D column models for intial calibrations of material properties which are often a precursor to more CPU-intensive 2D or 3D models. The present-day stratigraphy, thicknesses and porosities are input and the decompacted thickness of the sediment are to automatically calculated. After the simulation the results may be loaded and compared to the target (input) solution

Customisable Model Templates 

All the ParaGeo models generated within the different Matina modules are pre-defined in customisable templates. This offers the opportunity to expand the available model types to any scenario that can be parameterized.  Addtionally, ParaGeo data files may be defined parametrically, allowing efficient modification of key design variables.

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