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ParaGeo is a parallel finite element code designed to solve complex coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical (THM) problems, with particular focus on the modelling and simulation of geological phenomena, while accounting for transport and reaction processes derived from multi-field interactions at field-scale.

ParaGeo Workflows

ParaGeo offers flexible workflows for generating input data and post processing. External mesh generators may be used to generate the initial geometry and mesh that can be imported for the simulation.

Thermo - Hydro - Mechanical Modelling

The coupling schemes in ParaGeo capture the interaction between Mechanical, Fluid Flow and Thermal fields in different geological scenarios

Contact Mechanics and Fractures

Faults and Fractures in ParaGeo may be modelled via either continuum or discrete approaches. The the properties of fractures may be characterized to capture their impact on the mechanical, fluid flow and thermal fields.

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