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Well Element for Injection/Production Models

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Description of Well Element

TCGA has recently developed well elements in ParaGeo which facilitates the definition of injection and production wells for porous flow analysis in injection/production models. The well path is defined through a series of points which may be "open" (leak-off) or "shut"/"casing" (no leak-off). Flow within the well may be defined via injection rate, production rate or surface pore pressure as a function of time. For a Thermal-Hydro-Mechanical THM simulation, well temperature may be used to define the injected fluid temperature.

The well element allows flexibility in the status definition, i.e. "shut" or "open" at different stages of the simulation.

Illustration of 'well element'

Description of Model

The demonstrative model is multi-layered with two reservoir layers underlain and overlain by shale lithologies with an inclined fault traversing the middle layers. Injection and depletion of the lower reservoir layer is achieved via well elements sited on either side of the fault. The simulation of well injection and production rates of 5000 m3/day with injected fluid temperature of 30°C is performed over 14 years.

Simulation model

Simulation Results

The plot of temperature change in the injected/depleted reservoir layer shows heat transfer of the injected well fluid (30°C) mainly from advection flow from injection well to production well after 14 years.

Change in temperature after 14 years of injection and production


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