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GeoPOP4 collaboration (2020-present)

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

We are continuing our collaboration with Durham and Newcastle universities within the scope of GeoPOP Phase 4. This is a joint industry/government funded project investigating overpressure development in sedimentary basins in challenging scenarios, such as tectonically active basins where the maximum principal stress is generally non-vertical, and also including depth ranges where diagenesis has modified the sediment properties.

The ParaGeo forward modelling capabilities, as well as the restoration to forward simulation workflow, provide a robust geomechanical framework enabling geomechanical concepts to be included in both the restoration and forward modelling phases. Given the evolutionary nature of the study, and the importance of the changing pore pressure field on compaction and the thermal field on diagenesis, the fully coupled THM modelling capabilities of ParaGeo are also essential.

This project, and collaboration, constitutes a continuation of research based on the outcomes of Phase 3 of the GeoPOP project (2012 – 2015) from which 4 scientific papers deploying ParaGeo as a numerical model tool were published.


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